Some points to consider:

  • A professional makeup artist is more knowledgeable when it comes to colors that will best compliment your skin, wedding dress, flowers and total vision, so that you appear at your most beautiful for the most important day of your life! Not to mention those wedding photos and videos -- which last forever!

  • A professional makeup artist has the expereince and correct tools in their kit to acheive your perfect look, they are also experienced in application so that your makeup will last all day and night, which trust me, you'll NEED. 

  • Letting someone else beautify you while you sip champagne and visit with friends and family takes all of the worrying and stress off of your shoulders.

  • Your wedding day is THE day you want to look and feel your absolute best, let the experts handle it.

  • You spent so much money on your dress, shoes, flowers, venue etc… too many brides make the mistake of skimping on the most important detail, THEIR FACE!  It is the FIRST thing people see! Spend on something that makes you look and feel flawless, in person and in photos -- which lasts a lifetime! 

  • A professional makeup artist has been trained on how to accentuate your look and highlight your best features. Unless you are trained on these matters, it would be best to get a professional to do your makeup for your wedding.


research YOUR WEDDING MAKEUP artist

Remember you get what you pay for, there might be a lot of wedding makeup artists that offer their services for much lower prices. Most of the time they are lacking in experience, education, proper tools, and high quality makeup brands. Look for someone that has a portfolio, good ratings, reviews and recommendations. Remember, anyone can create a website and claim to be a makeup artist, be wary of prices that seem too good to be true.  Many aspiring artists think that since they can do makeup on themselves, they are qualified to do it on others. WRONG!! There are many face shapes, eye shapes, skin colors, age differences, etc etc. Do your research!



More often than not, a bride should have a trial session with their makeup artist before the wedding day.  That way they can plan ahead as to what look a bride would like to have on their wedding day. This is also the time to see if your makeup artist’s personality suits yours, since they play a very important role on the outcome of how your look will turn out on the big day. A professional makeup artist should be able to deliver what you want and give you suggestions on looks that are most flattering for your face shape, eyes, and coloring.